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The Perfect Gift For Christmas

Published by Dani Liney, Wednesday 30th November 2016

Christmas is nearly upon us, and as the festivities leading up to the big day ramp up, so do the headaches! Just when you thought there wasn’t another spare minute in your day, along comes shopping for presents, attending work and social functions, and final preparations for Christmas Day to fit in. It always seems to sneak up on us.


When we see those first ads for Christmas items in the shops, we tend to ignore the urge to buy because we believe we still have plenty of time to prepare for it. Next thing you know, you notice that just about every overloaded shopping trolley being guided out of Kmart has a Christmas tree in it. A quick check of the date on your smart phone confirms that there are only a few shopping days left until Christmas! Where does that time actually go? It’s simply really… life is busy, and time goes by quickly when we are so involved in what we are doing.




How often have you heard people say ‘where did the year go’ and ‘what have I done this year’? I had a friend say this to me the other day and it turned out to be really interesting because she started to think back about what she had actually achieved, and it was quite a lot! Christmas is a time of reflection when we think back over all the things we have achieved, and while it’s one day on the calendar, Christmas tends to be a point in time that we use to plan our year around. Sometimes we get it right and have all our ducks perfectly lined up in a row, and we give ourselves a little pat on the back for being so organised. Then there are times when the whole world seems to be conspiring to foil all our well-laid plans. Work, family and anything else unexpected can, and will nibble away at our spare time and next thing you know, the ‘to do’ list still has a bunch of un-ticked boxes, and the big day is upon us.


So, don’t get your tinsel in a twist! It happens to the best of us and it’s just a part of our normal, busy lives. The thing is, don’t let the extra workload stress you. Christmas is a time to enjoy with friends and family, and to celebrate. Getting weighed down with the all the preparations during the lead up to Christmas can leave you exhausted and disillusioned. Baylife Services has been helping people in the Port Stephens area to get rid of some of that stress by taking care of the things people just don’t have time to do. So why not treat yourself? Call us to discuss how we can take care of some of the things you are struggling to find the time for. Or, why not give the perfect gift to someone you know who could do with a helping hand around the house? Baylife Services has gift vouchers for any amount, just contact us to discuss your needs.


We would like to wish everyone a joyful and peaceful Christmas.


Merry Christmas